Who We Are

We have a challenging and inspiring Mission: to improve the quality of our road usage through effective teaching and instructions. This mission gives us the purpose of instilling in our students (prospective Kenyan drivers) a sense of civility, discipline and respect for the law when using our roads as drivers, riders and pedestrians. By actualizing this mission we hope to:-

  • Witness reduced carnage on our roads
  • Reduce time wasted due to delays caused by avoidable accidents and incidents
  • Restore confidence in/with our drivers and riders
  • Make motoring enjoyable again.

We are a fast growing institution. We are proud to note that several thousand students have passed through our over 20 schools. We have on several occasions carried assessments and grading of drivers and riders for our corporate clients. Our assessments have been rated as most comprehensive and thorough in the country. Our instructors and teachers are responsive and flexible. They are willing to accommodate your tight schedule in their timetable. We have strategically located our schools outside the CBD area so as to give our students the benefit of traffic-snarl-up-free environment. We are soon opening branches in the city centre to cater for those who feel that they must learn in the CBD area.
Testimonials from our former students will attest and endorse to our suitability in driving instruction. Due to our continued contribution to the road safety in the country through our exemplary training programmes, we have been recognized and given the following awards.

  • The Road Safety Award by The Association of Kenya Insurers in the year 2011.
  • Presidential Citation as a distinguished taxpayer in the year 2010.

For professional driving lessons look no further!!